Site - Site IpSec http and UDP traffic dies

  • Hello all.

    We have site to site IpSec, both PfSense end points. Several times per day, http and UDP traffic gets delayed (Best determination). VPN is still up, can ping inside both ways with good results, ssh etc. VOIP UDP is delayed to the point where Asterisk times it out and Http traffic is heavily delayed. Negotiation mode is Main, Prefer Older IpSec SA's is off (tried on). Have looked over forums and don't see a solution. I see this on
    (pfkey Delete ERROR: pfkey DELETE received
    You might see this message repeatedly as Phase 2 is renegotiated between two endpoints (for multiple subnets). The tunnels still work, but traffic may be delayed while the tunnel is switched/reestablished. (more research needed for possible solutions)
    Exactly our scenario and seeing this message in the logs when this happens.
    Remote end has super net of 192.168.32.X/22

    Any clue?

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