Removing switch from between PfSense and WAN router

  • Last year I started to use the PfSense firewall in our lab environment. I got it to work by adding a switch between PfSense and WAN router because I couldn't figure out how it should be configured without the switch in the PfSense.

    Now I have time to do some experiments with the configurations and I have tried with couple of different configurations but none have been successful.

    What I want to achieve is to define two IP addresses to PfSense WAN (Public IP and between router and PfSense private IP).

    Like this:
    NOW: Public IP1 -> (Public IP2 -> -> -> Internet (Switch in brackets).
    TARGET: (Public IP1/ -> -> Internet (PfSense in brackets).

    I have included all the necessary documents and configurations below and in the attachments.

    I would be really grateful for any assistance.

    ProCurve Switch 2650# sh run
    Running configuration:
    ; J4899B Configuration Editor; Created on release #H.10.83
    hostname "ProCurve Switch 2650"
    no web-management
    no telnet-server
    ip routing
    snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
    vlan 1
       name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
       untagged 1-48
       no ip address
       no untagged 49-50
    vlan 100
       name "VLAN100"
       untagged 50
       ip address
    vlan 200
       name "VLAN200"
       untagged 49
       ip address (Public IP x.x.x.x)
    ip route
    ```![Lab network problem.png](/public/_imported_attachments_/1/Lab network problem.png)
    ![Lab network problem.png_thumb](/public/_imported_attachments_/1/Lab network problem.png_thumb)

  • Why not put your publics on your router. Then setup a p2p (/30) between pfsense and your exterior router. Then put private behind pfsense using the switch for your lan(s). You didn't mention what type of router your using but you should easily be able to send pfsense traffic out of one public and use the other public for what you want. How many ports on your router?

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