Dual wan 10/1 mb/s adsl + 2x 4g 50/20 mb/s

  • good I have a pfsense 2.1.5 and my question is :

    1: I like to do load balancing x ports only output data , and to keep everything else going for adsl . Also know how to put specific ports in load balancing for download any more .

    2: you can do that are in stack ?. ( I mean always use adsl except when 80 % downhill or uphill, so what then add the two lines ? ) come on, do not wait for it to fall .

    3: If I do load balancing will go at the same speed ? ( if I have a 10 and 2 adsl lines 4g going to 50, would you go to 30 max or sum everything? ) .

    4: also say that I have a fixed ip adsl and 4g are dynamic , but among all the dumb with fixed I can send for load balancing?

    At the end of all I hope to achieve is that the ads are used to all the way down , except all rise I want this in load balancing , and only x types of ports / protocols can benefit from the discharge load balancing ,

    protocols :
    http- https -ftp -> adsl // climb down load

    Voice servers and gaming - > load balancing

    openvpn ipsec - > load balancing

    everything else adsl

    would be in the adsl line with the other 2 faiover adsl tier 1 and 2 4g tier 2 (if jumps to tier 2 for latency or loss , to jump to tier 2, tier 1 off ? )

    failover would the other 3 , what would you wan other natear everything fixed ? )

    thanks for all the help and forgiveness hassle if I can ever help you in something not hesitate to tell

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