• Hi THere,

    I would like to ask question about RULES, I have three NIC attached to my firewall, WAN,LAN and OPT1, I have set WAN as my default ISP, my question is how can i allow a specific local IP on my local network to use OPT1 as an active ISP??

    Thanks in advance,,,

  • You have to set up an additional gateway for the second ISP under System > Routing > Gateways.
    Then create a pass rule on LAN interface, at Source enter your specific internal IP, go down to Gateway under Advanced features and set the gateway for this ISP there. Keep in mind, that the rules are handled in the order they are shown at the rule tab. So maybe its necessary to put it to the upper position.

    If you also want to have a specific public source IP for requests handled by this rule you have to configure an outbound NAT rule in addition.

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