Multi LAN / Rate limiting / Tables

  • It seems that pfsense is put together with the assumption of a single WAN connection and a single LAN connection. Is this really the case?

    I also don't see how to do some of the more useful pf stuff such as rate limiting incomming connections. Are there plans to add these at some point?

    Also are there plans to add table support? It's very useful to be able to block something like the spamhaus DROP list, and reload that list every night.

    All comments are welcome.

  • Check out the Advanced Options button on the firewall rules and the Aliases option off the menu.
    More options such as pulling an alias (table) from a url and dropping to custom tables have been discussed- if these are useful to you, consider posting a bounty to speed their inclusion.

  • You need at least 2 interfaces (WAN and LAN) but you can have as many interfaces as your hardware supports basically with multiple LANs or WANs.

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