OPT1 gateway shows up but OPT1 interface is down

  • This is an APU running 2.2 for testing. The WAN is plugged into our ordinary LAN (which gets out to the internet). OPT1 is also assigned and configured for DHCP as a second WAN-style interface. Currently OPT1 is physically unplugged (and so is LAN at the time of this screen shot). The dashboard interface status cirrectly shows OPT1 (and LAN) down).
    But the Gateway status shows that OPT1 is online, 4% packet loss, and a "reasonable" RTT.
    This is a little optimistic - there is a huge air-gap from the OPT1 connector to potential uplink ports in the room!

  • I updated to the latest:

    2.2-BETA (amd64)
    built on Fri Oct 17 11:27:45 CDT 2014
    FreeBSD 10.1-RC2

    and OPT1 Gateway is still reported as 0% loss, RTT around 160ms and online.

  • Looked harder - this is a test APU.1C system. Some time I had changed OPT1 from a WAN-style interface getting DHCP to a LAN-style interface with its own static IPv4 and no upstream gateway.
    OPT1_DHCP gateway was still in the system, with alternate monitor IP and was even in some gateway groups. It was included in apinger.conf and thus was being monitored. It was using srcip of the new OPT1 static LAN-style interface -, and was reachable from there out the normal WAN, so apinger reported the "gateway" up.
    I guess there are some "issues" in changing an interface from WAN-style to LAN-style and having all the old gateway settings/group membership… cleaned up. But I suspect it is the same on 2.1.n, so not a 2.2 regression. Could be looked at some day...

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