How to limit total server bandwidth?

  • I have a small hosting company with 10 servers. I thought I had ourgoing bandwidth for the entire server throttled at 8mps until I was hit with 70mps for over 2 hours. So it appears this was under multiple IPs.

    How do I limit the bandwidth for the entire server to 8mps? I not the sharpest pencil in the box, when it comes to stuff like this. Attached is a screen capture of what I did.

    I hope the attachment shows up, I don't see it on the preview.


  • In "Mask" you need to change "Source Address" to "none". At the moment it is making a separate 8Mbps limiter for each individual IP address. When you choose "none" it will just make 1 8Mbps pipe and all traffic fed into that pipe from anywhere will be limited to a total 8Mbps.

  • Thank you!

    That is easy. I was expecting a 100 step process to do this. I will try this later today.

    Again, thank you!

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