Basic multi WAN setup

  • With regards to the firewall..

    when do I set rules on the LAN and when on the WAN ?

    How would DNS work if normally all I do is send requests to the relvant WAN router. How would I set one up locally ?

    I understand these may be basic questions but seem to be pulling my hair out over this combination that works very intermittently.

    Any feedback would gladly be appreciated !


    Did you follow the multiWAN tutorial?

  • You only have to follow this simple guide: Rules are applied on incoming traffic only so if you want to do outbound balancing to multiple WANs the traffic is coming in on the LAN and leaving on the WANs/OPTs. Your rules have to go to the LAN tab therefor. And also have a look at the tutorials and docs. They should get you started quickly.

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