How to run Non-Nano Version on USB Stick

  • Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this? To run/install the Normal\Non-Nano Version on a USB Stick. I have done this with the nano version but it's just FAR to slow to setup any administrative actions on. 15-20min for Traffic Shaper Wizard. VERY simple setup.

    Here is what I tired:
    1.) Put pfsense liveCD on USB Stick, Attempt to install to the same stick (fails, and I expected this)
    2.) put a 2nd stick in and attempt to install to that. (Fails again)
    3.) running the live disk portion. But does this actually save changes?

    I'm doing the 3rd option right now, and after have 3 HDD fail on me already, I really want to avoid with with another HDD and I'm tring to avoid spending any extra money.

    If the normal install needs to be installed to a SATA/IDE Device, then I guess I'll have to find a cheap/used SSD, because I just don't want to run HDDs anymore unless I have them in a Raid.

  • The way I do it is to put the memstick image on a USB device.
    Put the memstick image USB device in the USB port that system boots from first.
    Put the install too USB device in another USB port.
    Boot system and when prompted to Install or Continue, press I for install.
    Select to do a custom install and select the correct USB device.
    Select the default for everything else.

    There may be better and other ways.  But that is what I did.

    Once installed, configuring pfSense ramdisk settings for /var and /tmp should help flash drive longevity.

  • That's strange, I had the exact opposite problem, my flash drives were failing, I installed a $20 WD blue  3.5" HDD and never looked back.

    Do you know for sure that your USB stick will boot on your motherboard? I only ask because I have seen several instances where I could not boot from a USB drive, trying a different USB stick with the same setup; the system would boot.

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