Embed pictures from my Onedrive account to the forum [Solved]

  • So I'm not sure why this isn't working for me but I was trying to embed some images from my onedrive public folder in the forum and they didn't show. So I thought I would start a thread here to help anyone trying to do the same thing. Below should be a test image:

    One thing I did was right click on the folder and made sure under security that everyone is selected. I also took out the iframe stuff too, not sure what else needs to be done, or if this functionality is not supported.

  • I have a OneDrive, so here goes:
    I right-clicked the file in Explorer and selecte Share a OneDrive Link. Then pasted the link here below:

    But the link has stuff like "%2c" in it. "2c" ASCII is a comma. So I will paste the link again but put a real comma instead of %2c.


    And now here it is as an img:

    and an img using a real comma:

    What comes out?

  • Both the links work, clicking on them opens a tab containing the screenshot file.
    The attempts to make them embedded img links didn't work - it is not auto-fetching them to display inline in the forum.

  • I was able to click on your links to see your pics but your right, the forum is not fetching them automatically. I hope this can be supported because it's nice to have Onedrive built into Windows. Putting pics up on my onedrive and just linking to it is so easy. I guess using flickr or picassa is not that hard but it's not as easy as Onedrive integrated in my Windows 10 (8.1 before that) computer.

  • I haven't looked at this at all, but a lot of these online lockers and drives don't seem to like giving direct links.  Instead, they direct you to landing pages with ads etc.  Are you even allowed to direct-link with these services?

  • Sure, Microsoft even tells you to embed this link into your blog or forum. Just doesn't seem to work here.

  • Has nothing to do with here, those URLs don't go direct to an image file so they don't work when you try to embed them somewhere as an image.

    If you use the URL to the actual image file, like here's one from Phil's post earlier, they work.

    I went to Phil's link, right clicked on the image, hit "view original", and copy and pasted that URL here to make that work.

  • I will try that to see what happens.

  • cmb is correct actual view works. Hopes this helps someone trying to do the same thing.

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