Does anybody have working wrap Alix alix2c0 image?

  • Does anybody have working alix image?
    I cannot bring it to life, monowall beta works OK.

  • The default embedded image simply works with the alix. Only thing you have to do is manually assign the interfaces via the serial console on first bootup as our embedded image uses sis nics by default and the alix has vr nics.

  • I have problem connecting with console and i cannot assign interfaces…
    Is it hard to change nics in image?

  • The wrap/alix comes with 38400 baud factory default setting. Set your terminalemulation to that speed and bootup the alix. Press "s" to enter the bios and change the speed to 9600 baud. Setting "l" for lba won't hurt too. Save the settings. Now set your terminalemulation to 9600 baud and wait until you see the assign interfaces dialogue. If you don't see anything on the console, not even ascii garbage you most likely don't have a correct cable or your terminalemulation listens on the wrong interface. You can crosscheck this by booting a m0n0 image though the m0n0 images for wrap/alix run natively at 38400 baud so you don't have to change the console speed there.

  • Also have a look at as it is pretty much the same for the alix.

  • Thanks for your help but i try all methods
    maybe i dont have right cable, i cant get to console with any setting. i dont see any data no matter com speed.

  • Then there is really something wrong with your cable or your local comport on the terminalemulationclient.  :(

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