Rolling over to tier2 when tier1 is up

  • Hello,
    Couldn't find much that touched on this issue I seem to be experiencing so maybe someone can help me make sense of this:

    Configuration of my router is as such:
    OpenVPN tunnel - up and running between 2 sites
      VPNCT interface
    Office site has 2 internet WAN connections:
      WAN_PPP = Verizon LTE (for failover only)
      WANC = Comcast 50/10 connection (primary), DHCP connection

    Both WANs have a monitor IP setting of forcing them to ping the internet since if Comcast is Down, the connection will still show alive due to the DHCP aspect.

    Failover group is setup with
      WAN_PPP = Tier 2
      WANC = Tier 1
      VPNCT = not defined
    Trigger Level = member down

    Firewall rules point all to Failover Gateway

    When I checked my data usages under interface status, the vast majority (5 out 6 gigs) went across my Verizon connection even though nothing went down on Comcast.

    Am I missing something?  Should Tier 1 = tunnel of choice unless down?


  • Disregard, fixed the issue at hand.

    Turned out when the VPN client was initially setup, the interface was assigned to the LTE connection rather than ANY and therefore everything was being forced through that route.  This wasn't an issue when the LTE was the only choice.

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