Slow speed on "some?" pages. SQUID

  • Hi all and welcome to my weird problem.

    I have a brand new install of pfsense:

    Squid 2.7.9 pkg v.4.3.4
    SquidGuard 1.4_4 pkg v.1.9.6

    Default configs on almost everything, my problem is that using the squid proxy im getting super really slow speeds on "SOME" webpages, for example i load which is what i consider to be a "heavy" page it loads super fast, but i cant even browse, it loads, after like 10 minutes of waiting, but if not using the proxy on my browser it loads super fast.

    This is a pre deployment lab, meaning i can give u any kind of access you need to help me find out whats going on.

    Please help, i have no idea what is wrong.


  • try this
    diagnostic > edit file >  /boot/loader.conf

    comment this line
    save then restart

  • Hi, thanks for your replay.

    I changed "Memory cache size" from 8 to 512, and after that it started loading pages at exceptional speed, then changed it back to 8 just to test and it kept loading the page fast.

    Weird behavior since i have the "Hard disk cache system" to null this whole time,

    Anyway its working fine and i have no idea why  :-X :-\

    Thanks for the help.

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