• Upgraded a 2.1.5 amd64 to 
    2.2-BETA (amd64)
    built on Fri Oct 17 20:02:23 CDT 2014
    FreeBSD 10.1-RC2

    A static mapping which has an ip address before the start of the available dhcp assigned range for the lan did not carry across in the upgrade.

    Dont know if its present in later versions as havent upgraded yet since that version and dont know if it applies with OPTx interfaces with static ip addresses.


  • I don't think there is any change to the config format for static-mapped DHCP entries. So I am surprised anything got lost.
    Do you have a copy of the 2.1.5 config from before the upgrade?
    Search it for "staticmap" and see if/how those entries are different from in the upgraded 2.2 /cf/conf/config.xml
    Post what you find and we can try to reproduce…

  • Its a vm, so I just cloned and ran the upgrade process so I'll run it again just to be double sure.

    I've checked the backups so far and the staticmap node shows 3 child nodes mac, ipaddrr & hostname with the right text values  for the single static mapping that exists. There are other nodes in staticmap but they have no child entries or values to speak off and is the same for pf2.2 backups.

    The version for the pf2.1 backup config showed version 10.1, pf2.2 is showing version 11.1 in the backup config and no staticmap in that xml file after it was upgraded.

    The staticmap only appears in the pf2.2 version 11.1 backup config after I added it back through the gui, but the other thing I have noticed is a new entry called "cid" which appears between the mac and ipaddr nodes. Maybe this "cid" is gumming up the works?

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