DHCP-Server Option 82 - Windows DHCP Server

  • Hi There,

    I´m triying to get pfsense with activated DHCP-Server for one Interface to work with the Windows DHCP Server with the DHCP-82-Option.
    I read a lot of tutorials but i`m not smart enough to understand this.

    I need to get the pfsense dhcp-server get his dhcp-adresses from our Windows Server, the dhcp policy on the Windows Server is already active but it wants a hex digit and the pfsense can´t do it with hex digits. So do I need to calculate them?


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    So you want pfsense to be the dhcp from a relay, or you want pfsense to relay on the info to windows dhcp server and add option 82 info.  This is a check mark in the dhcp server relay section.

    I'm a bit confused - dhcp servers don't get dhcp addresses
    "I need to get the pfsense dhcp-server get his dhcp-adresses from our Windows Serve"

    Dhcp servers don't get IPs –> So it sounds to me that you want to relay/forward dhcp requests from devices connected to a pfsense network to your windows dhcp server that has scope setup.  So you would turn on dhcp relay and if you want to send option 82 info to the dhcp server (windows) - check the box.

  • Hi yes you´re right.
    The DHCP do not become any adresses from itself.

    I Got 3 Interfaces:

    • WAN
    • LAN ( IP- Range
    • WLAN_Guest ( IP-Range

    On our Windows Server is a scope with the Range for the WLAN_Guest and configured DHCP-Policy with the criteria "Relay Agent Information"
    The Scope for the WLAN should only be deployed to the WLAN_Guest Link without using VLANs…

    That was my Question.

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    And where is this windows dhcp server?  what network?

    I know you can not enable dhcp relay while dhcp server is enabled.  I don't know if you can run say pfsense dhcp server on lan, and dhcp relay on wlan?

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