Re: LAN<->DMZ not working when WAN1 is down – SOLVED

  • have a pfsense box with 3 wan ports, 1 dmz and 1 lan port.  wan1 is for surfing and serves as 3rd option for openvpn clients, wan2 is for openvpn clients and serves as backup for surfing and wan3 is for inbound and outbound email and as 2nd option for openvpn. my email server is on the dmz along with my guest wifi. this setup has been in place for some time now (since 2.0 now we're at 2.1.5 amd64) and all is working– openvpn clients able to access hosts on the dmz and the select hosts on the lan, lan clients able to access the email server.

    recently however, whenever wan1 would go down, there are hosts on the lan which are unable to access the email server.. the system logs show that wan1 is down and has been removed from the routing group for surfing the web. but that's about it... the only change since this started was that the wan1 ip changed.

    can anybody care to point me where to look?

  • ran wireshark on the LAN and detected a device on the network thats taking on the IP of the pfsense box's LAN port.  will post after dealing with the culprit device.

  • isolated device, network now stable.

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