VoIP Failover

  • I have 1 LAN Subnet, and 2 WANS.  I route all traffic over WAN1 except for my VoIP Traffic … Is there anyway to set it up so if WAN2 fails it will route the VoIP traffic over Wan1?  Also is there anyway to make it so if WAN1 fails it will route the rest of the traffic of WAN2.

    I did have traffic shaping setup but I was still getting lots of jitter calls with bandwidth was being utilized.  Thoughts on the setup?  Thanks for the help!

  • I had a lot of jitter in the calls at first.

    The traffic shaping wizard worked well for me… I did set a limit for my total BW a little lower than my speed tests revealed.  I also allocated a fair bit of BW for my voip calls... Any download I have in progress do get slowed down significantly when I am on the phone, however, I don't experience any jitter in the calls anymore.

    I also use the 'penalty' IP to limit certain machine (i.e. servers) to about half my bandwidth max. Other than that, things are working very well.

  • Just to note that better ways than such hacks exists to handle such situations :)

  • What are the better ways?

  • The new trafficshaper eri is working on in 1.3 will be superior as it will feature multiinterface shaping as well as shaping inside ipsec tunnels and maybe even other neat stuff. However to come back to your original question (failover from one wan to another when a wan fails) the answer is yes, you can do that. Create gatewaypools for this and set them to "failover" instead of "loadbalancing". This will take care of the traffic that references this pool in the firewallrules and send it out to the first available gateway in the pool. So your onw pool will have "WAN, OPTWAN" as gateways whereas the second pool will have "OPTWAN, WAN". Then just change your firewallrules to use these pools and you are done.

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