Setup question

  • My PfSense box has 4 NICs.  2 WAN, 1LAN (–NO DHCP (hanled by another device), 1 VLAN.

    VLAN 1- guest 10.10.10.x/24
    VLAN 2  Apple 10.0.0.x/24
    VLAN 3 BYOD 10.10.x.x/24
    VLAN 4 ACS 192.168.3.x/22

    The first three VLANs all work as they are supposed to.  DHCP serves out addresses, clients can surf the Internet, etc.  The 4th, clients get addresses in the correct range, but can't surf the Internet.  I have a Novell OES box that hanldes the DHCP for my devices on my LAN and also handles DNS.  I am trying to use that box to do the DNS for my VLAN 4 devices and when I have that setup I can't surf.  I also can not PING any device that is not in the .3 range.  I've checked the subnet for VLAN 4 and it is correct.  I am able to at least surf the net with these devices if I remove the DNS info from the DHCP server and use the DNS entries provided by the PFSense box, however, I have some local servers that are not accessible from the outside that I would like to use with these wireless clients so I need to use an internal DNS for that.  I have also checked firewall rules, but I'm not exactly sure what they need to be, but I thought I did a blanket rule to allow all to/from both the LAN and the VLAN 4.  Any ideas?

  • Post the rules you have on VLAN4 - you will need to pass source VLAN4net, destination "Novell OES box".
    It should be about as simple as that for the VLAN4 clients to get access to the DNS server on another local LAN.

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