Email server rules configuration

  • Hi,

    I have PfSense 2.1.5 installed and NAT is configured between the FWs WAN Interface and internal network with FW LAN Interface=

    A mail server is installed at

    Inbound mail is given the address of the FW (Internal Interface= and the email server's blocklist function can't work since it needs the originating IP instead if FW's inherited internal IP. All emails arriving to the email address are marked as originated from

    How do I solve this?

    Should I create a transparent bridge, or assign a virtual external IP to the WAN interface?

    Could you tell me which rules to use in detail since I am new to PfSense..

    Thank you in advance.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    When you have inbound NAT rules and a connection comes in from outside, the source IP of the packet when it hits the internal server is still the outside IP address of the originating machine, not the internal interface.

  • Hmm. Maybe I was doing something wrong.. I will double check.

    Thank you very much Derelict!

  • I use Hmail and have a similar setup.  I do not have the same issue you do so I wonder if you have a config issue on the actual email server itself.

    You don't have your email server "bound" to its own IP do you?

    Im trying to think of any other config setting….

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