Squid and Firewall Rules - FailOver(Help)

  • Hello everyone.

    First of all, thanks for joining this post to try helping me out.
    I current have a FailOver on two WAN connections:
    1 - my default WAN link
    2 - my link for critical applications
    Squid is running on port 3128 and is using my default gateway.
    Follow below my firewall rule forcing it to use my FailOver:
    IPv4 TCP/UDP * * * 3128 FailOverLink1-Link2 qOthersLow
    where Link 1 is tier 1 and link2 is tier 2.

    My problem is when my link 1 is down all applications that dont use proxy obbey my FailOver, but squid is not. Making http access impossible.
    Is something missing ?
    Can anyone give me some help on this issue?

    Thanks everyone.

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