SquidGuard ACL

  • Hello,

    I have a UPS WorldShip PC.  I'd like to only allow that PC to access UPS WorldShip.  I am very new at SquidGuard.  I don't see how I can accomplish this.  I'm in Proxy Filter SquidGuard:  Group Access Control List (ACL) Edit:

    I may be in the wrong spot because I see no way to limit the UPS PC's IP to only access the block of IPs I have found to be those used by UPS.com.

    Am I going about this wrong?  Thanks in advance.

  • Create a Target Category and list all the required IPs or domains under the domain list.

    Then create a group ACL including the UPS PC IP address under the Client(source)

    Expand the Target Rules list
    And  Block the Default access and permit traffic to your target category you created.

  • You get a happy face karma for your efforts.  Thanks.  8)

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