Can't change LAN interface IP on 20141017 1129 snapshot under Hyper-V

  • Just installed 2.2 20141017 1129 snapshot into Hyper-V.


    Have configured two interfaces through the console, one on a private virtual switch, one on my main LAN.

    The WAN interface is configured to get a DHCP lease from my own network, which is in the range

    I tried to configure the LAN interface to with a DHCP range to .254

    This appears to work but the console menu comes back with the LAN interface still set to ifconfig confirms this, and rebooting doesn't help.

    I guess this is just an experience report but if there are any suggestions it would be most appreciated.


  • Yeah had this too.

    Did X64 and X86 and even went back to 20141015 to test those and had the same issues.

    When you change it in the GUI however that sticks just fine.

    I also upgraded to the newest build today

    2.2-BETA  (amd64)
    built on Tue Oct 21 04:42:27 CDT 2014

    (damnit, just noticed there's a new build again :p)

    And it had the same issue also. I don't know if that other build has it fixed.

  • I am having the same issue with both esxi 5.1 and kvm, i cant even get to pfsenses with the ip it assigns

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