Writing to an SD Card then booting from a laptop

  • I wrote the embedded version of pfSense 1.2 RC4 to an SD Card then tried to boot to the SD Card from my Eee PC.  It gets stuck at the boot screen displaying:  FreeBSD/i386 bootstrap loader, Revision 1.1
                                      (sullrich@builder6.pfsense.com, Tue Jan 15 23:26:13 EST 2008)
                                      Loading /boot/deafaults/loader.conf

    It freezes here.  Do I have to edit the file on the third line above?

  • Embedded images don't have vga output but switch to the serial console on bootup. You need a nullmodemcable and a terminalemulation to read the output from the serial console. Btw, does this device have a serial port at all?

  • I'm afraid it doesn't.  This is more of an experiment to increase the usefulness of the Eee PC.  I have multiple computers and leave home on trips frequently.  I figured that if I have the laptop with me all the time and need a throw together network with internet access without bringing extra equipment with me I could use the Eee PC with pf Sense as a WAP.

    Would it be better to install to the SD Card from Live CD instead?

  • As you need the console at the screen yes. You can try that. However I don't know if the hardware of the eeepc is supported or not. let us know.

  • Well tried it out in a variety of ways.  But from the looks of it the NICs are not supported.  I'll look into fixing the problem if I can when I have the time.  It was a good idea while it lasted.

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