Removing Packages

  • How come when I remove a package the settings still remain? For instance I installed Squid3 yesterday when I intended to install Squid. When I removed it and installed Squid my settings were saved.

    Also, I installed Squid Guard, turned it on. It wasn't working as I wanted so I turned it off but it still kept blocking traffic so I removed it and it still kept blocking traffic but returning a 404 error :)

    What for?

  • I had to clear my cache to remove the 404 error …

  • Most packages leave their settings in the config file. That way you can uninstall them and then reinstall to clean up an issue with the installation and not have to input the settings again.
    That can work both ways - sometimes you really want to clean out all settings and get a really fresh start at setting things up! So yes, it would be nice if package uninstall had an option to also remove all settings.

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