Problem with port forwading via proxy

  • Dear all,

    This is my model:

    local computer (IP local: 172.30.41.x) –----- Proxy server (IP 210.x.x.x) ------- pfSense (118.x.x.x) ------- windows 8 (

    pfSense and Windows 8 were installed on vmware esxi which pfSense have 2 NIC (1 connect to WAN side, 1 connect to local side) and Windows 8 connect to local side of pfSense.

    The connection to internet of Windows 8 is ok, but I can't use remote desktop from local computer (through proxy server) to windows 8, but it's ok with another computer without proxy, can't use SSH or any service too. This is my NAT configuration for remote desktop

    Please give a help, thanks in advanced

  • Someone help me, please… I cannot NAT if machine local use proxy server (port 80)

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