Traffic between lan and lan2 (virtual ip) is only 1 way

  • Hello all. I have my network on /24. I'm branching part of it off into /24. To do this I've added a virtual ip onto the lan interface in pfsense. The gateway for each is .31. So hosts from both subnets are able to ping .31 on both gateways, wooh. Here is where things go wrong. My hosts on the 2.0 network are able to ping hosts on the 1.1 network, but hosts on the 1.0 network are not able to ping hosts on the 2.0 network. My work around as of now was to add a 2.0 ip address onto the network adapter of the 1.0 hosts as needed. I've added all of the appropriate firewall rules as far as I can tell and the firewall logs don't show that they are blocking anything.

    One additional piece of information is that from the lan interface of 1.0 I am able to ping hosts on 2.0 so it's definitely a configuration setting somewhere.

    A little more info. I'm getting a reply from my default gateway when pinging that the destination host is unreachable. So for some reason It's hitting the default gateway rather than routing properly.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    It's definitely a completely nasty way to configure two subnets.  You cannot expect every device you encounter to handle that in a sane fashion.  You need two interfaces.  Else put them all on the same subnet and all your problems will vanish.

  • I figured if the feature was there I'd take advantage of it, but if it's that unreliable I'll figure something else out.

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