OEM Production 2550L2D-MxPC

  • Anyone with pfSense install experience with this box?

    Thanks for sharing any thoughts or feedback.

  • Works like a champ… Broadcom NIC's are recognized and function fine. Probably the only negatives I can say about it is that the case is solid but cheap and that the stock fan can be a little loud. On the other hand, you can disconnect the fan - runs cool enough to not be a major concern.

    BTW - If you search for it there is at least one other thread on the forum talking about the same box.

  • Thanks for the info.
    I saw several positive reviews on Newegg's site and at least one of them mentioned about the fan and also fanless use. So, that is not a major issue for me.
    I am looking for a picture of the motherboard to see the layout etc. And the internal view of the chassis with the board installed. Do you know of any site/vendor who has a bit more pictorials about this product?

  • Yes - I'm the one who posted about being able to disconnect the fan (on the newegg site). I also tried a couple of aftermarket fans, but it didn't seem like it was worth it. Most were nearly as loud.

    If I get a chance this weekend, I'll take some pictures for you…

  • I've deployed some of these without problems.  If you hook up a serial line to the header on the MB, be sure to get the right cable.  I use it for a ntpd gps reference clock and it works great as long as you get the right cable!

    There are open case pictures on the newegg site you linked to, but let me know if you have specific questions.  I use SSDs in mine.

  • Well, I saw those pictures but the hard drive bed is obstructing quite a bit the view of the motherboard.
    Actually I noticed that the port layout in the back is strangely similar to another motherboard's, i.e. a gigabyte mobo, but the on-board LAN circuits are different, so those are different mobos, I guess.

  • Box has been working great so far for me. I replaced the original fan, which made a very unpleasant sound for my box, with the Noctua fan that was recommended by one user on Newegg, runs almost inaudibly.

    I did have to disable hardware checksum offload (System > Advanced > Networking). Otherwise, I would get checksum errors on OpenVPN clients connecting to the box: when connecting via OpenVPN (tap, bridged to LAN), I was able to reach machines within the Network behind pfsense just fine, but the packets send back when trying to access the pfsense box itself got dropped once they arrived at the client machine (due to checksum errors), but I'm getting off topic …

  • Thanks for the feedback. I ordered one, we'll see how well it works for us.

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