So these snapshots are still not viable for using for small home router???

  • so these snapshots are still not viable for using for small home router???

    I just have to ask, cause i want to install it and try over my 2.1.5 mini-itx installation, but I'm curious about to not break things and doing worse then it going for me for now.  :-X Srry for my bad english. I have static ipv4 on WAN and DHCP on lan with upnp and dns forwarder on, do not have white IP adress so i am only using stable squid without anything, recently i even delete snort/suricata cause i dont need it when I am behind provider firewall  ::). So you see i just using pfsense box for simple firewall addition to my windows 7x64 setup gaming PC.

    Can i risk to install 2.2? I has no specific hardware, just re0 + ste0 drivers and pretty old sata hard drive in IDE mode  ;D and atom D525 on mini itx.

    And I have a second question, will stable firmware update URL from 2.1.5 or 2.2 will work since 2.2 rolls out? I mean if i copy/paste these snapshot URL i can easilly come back to stable release channel when 2.2 is ready and I would not have any problems with update from these current version snapshots? Just in mind, I am really lazy and won't write *.img to my flash in case if I somehow fail with upgrades  8)

  • lots of people are running the 2.2 beta snaps allready.
    there are still some issue's, but it'll depend on your specific situation if you'll encounter them or not. ( check current issue's here:

    If you have a backup of your config and a 2.1.5 cd-image, then you can allways reinstall if something would go wrong.

  • A better query to look at is probably the regressions list. The other stuff is unusual edge cases that are the same in 2.1x versions as in 2.2. That list here:

    The question you ask isn't one we can answer - it sounds like the answer is 2.2 will be fine for you at this point. If you look through that list and nothing applies to what you're doing (for most small home installs, it won't), then you're fine, but we're not sure the complete list of what you're doing.

  • Smoothly upgraded my box to 2.2 thanks for your efforts guys!

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