What should be the hardware for this?

  • Hello everyone. I really wonder what should be the hardware of computer which use for pfsense.Now on the pfsense computer I use captive portal,squid,dhcp services. There is multiwan router to combine dsl lines so i just use two nic on pf sense comuter.Wan and Lan. There are 300 users active using this system and 8+8+8 =24 mbps totai dsl speed on the router to pfsense wan nic. The hardware is cpu=intel celeron 2.53, ram=768 mb, disk=80gb, mobo= standart 478 or 775 pin, nics=onboard sis,via or intel and as same brands pci card, psu=300w. So do you think this computer is enough? Thx for your answers . Good day.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Since you say it may be socket 478 is it a Netburst Celeron?

    More RAM would help for Squid.


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