No SIP inbound calls, outbound fine, FreePBX

  • Okay, so I've been racking my brain on this one for the last few days.  I have 2 sites running pfsense, latest build, with OpenVPN between the two sites.  Primary site has a Win2k12r2 server with a hyper-v instance of FreePBX running; secondary has majority of the phones (at most 2 users right now).  The VPN is working great without issue.  I've found some of my phones (mix of Snom, Cisco, and Polycom) don't like going through the VPN (cisco 425g2), but otherwise seem to be working as far as making outbound calls over the VPN.  However inbound is a whole different issue.  As long as I've been working on this project, I have yet to get a connection inbound.  I have a trunk and 2 DIDs from SIPStation.  I've used the FreePBX Sipstation Module to setup, and have green registration confirmation (with Nat ports open and closed) and green firewall pass sign with ports open.  SIPStation confirms registration.

    Pfsense routers are both configured with outbound static ports, NATs are both in Firewall Optimization Options : conservative.  PF Scrubbing is also off.  Both have static internet IPs so no dynamic DNS hassles.

    When I do a Packet Capture on the router at the primary site, I can see inbound 5060 packets, but when I do a TCPdump on the PBX box, there is no sign of an inbound call (invite) making it to the PBX.

    I tried Siproxy, but found it was counter productive to what I needed, so uninstalled it.

    I would like to keep the firewall as closed up as possible, but right now I have all SIP related ports open and still don't see an inbound call.  Is there something additional in Pfsense I should be disable? Something in SIP Configs that could impact performance maybe?  SIP is bound on the local IP and SIP 5060 port.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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