What do I have to do to make my Bulletproof FTP client working?

  • Trying to use my own computer as a ftp server and Im using bulletproof ftp client, but it doesn't work. Its working on lan (ftp:\ but people not on my network cant connect. What have to be done to stop pf blocking it?

  • Add a port forward and make sure auto create firewall rule is enabled

  • Dont work. I tryed do open a port range from 2-65000 with to luck.

  • If you are running on a full install issue the following from a shell prompt:

    cvs_sync.sh releng_1 && /etc/rc.filter_configure

    Then make sure the FTP helper is enabled for the interface in question (I am guessing LAN).

    Also, if you are using a dual wan, then FTP will not work on the 2nd WAN.q