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  • Hi , Guys and girls.
    I have a pfsense setup with cache ,snort, av . on a ecs hdc e350d dual core with 8gig ram.
    and a 100 gig or so 2.5 hard drive from a laptop.

    I'm using onboard (wan) and a intel nic for lan .
    Now  I have a  trendnet green 8port gig  switch and my wndr4000 router .
    Should I  hook my slow  10/100 nas from trendnet to the wifi  and use the  lan to switch  then to wifi.
    or go  from lan to wndr4000  then plug in to the 8port switch and  have the  nas off of it?

    it's what i have now.
    thanks in advance.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Since both are gigabit devices it won't make much difference where you have the NAS connected. If you had more than one internal interface in pfSense that would open up more choices, a separate subnet for wifi for example.


  • Hi;
    Thank you.
    does anyone know if we will get a addon to import peerguaedian list to the firewall?

  • pfBlocker is what you want.

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