Make two different networks

  • Hello, I need to make two different networks see each other in one network which has pfsense as a gateway. The networks are set like this:

    • Rete 1 Ip 192.168.1.x con subnet
    • Rete 2 Ip 10.10.10.x con subnet
      If this is possible, how is it done?


  • If both networks are connected to the same router (Pfsense) and you don't have a rule blocking this, it should just work. If both networks are connected to different routers then you will have to create a common network between the two (/30), for example and both with a subnet mask of Then you need to run a dynamic routing protocol on all your interfaces like (rip v2) or use static routes. If you provide a diagram more specifics can be offered. Once you have done all that you will have to create a default route on your stand alone routers to send traffic to Pfsense. Lastly make sure Pfsense is allowing non directly connected traffic to be natted out of its wan by looking at your outbound Nat rules. (adjustments may be needed there).

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