HTTPS questions

  • hi Guys
    i need your help.
    on my lab i have exchange server running on port 443 for the external access. i've build a cloud server for test purposes which need also to use port 443 behind pfsense
    both servers are windows.
    the configuration i did are the next :
    my exchange server standart on port 443.
    cloud server standart on port 80 but its redirect the request to the https port 443.
    is it possible to have both servers on 443 ?

    thank you

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I wouldn't use port 80.  I'd use something like 8443.  All that matters is that one the outside, the IP:Port combination is different for inbound connections.

    If you have multiple IPs, you have have IP1:443, IP2:443.  If you have only one, then you need IP1:443 and IP2:8443 (for example.)

    It doesn't matter if you do this:

    IP1:443 NAT to INTERNAL-IP1:443
    IP2:8443 NAT to INTERNAL-IP2:443

    Both servers can listen on 443 as long as they're different servers or have different listening/binding IPs.

    And you'll probably have to move the WecConfigurator port to something other than 443 too.

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