PFs under HP Proliant ML350p Gen8 E5-2620

  • Good evening everyone…

    I have a HP Proliant ML350p Gen8 E5-2620 into production with pfSense 2.2 amd64.
    This server has a quad gigabit broadcom card on-board. The driver climbed freebsd 8.3 correctly (but before it was necessary to disable the card in bios, otherwise the installation always crashed). The three incoming links working properly, but the last port allocated for LAN and other VLANs have no activity after rebooting the OS. Can shut down or restart that there is no difference, that is, the interface is up but not active. The only solution is to remove the power sources to wait the downloading of the whole and then restarting the server. Have you researched a lot and found nothing substantial. Really seems some driver incompatibility, because I have another identical server running ESXi 5.5 (the version with provisioning - drivers controller etc) and it works perfectly. For the record, this broadcom (BGE - BCM5719) although "work", is not present in the HCL freebsd 8.3.

    Has anyone ever had a similar experience or can tell me if compensates download the source and try to compile the broadcom. Is it worth it and does it work?

    Thank you

  • pfsense 2.2 is not based on freebsd 8.3 , its based on Freebsd 10.1

    2.2 is in beta and might have issues … it might be better to post them in the "2.2 Snapshot Feedback and Problems" - section of the forum

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