Multiple LAN's

  • Hey all

    i have a pfsense router in place with 4 NIC's configured as follows:


    As it sits the internet works fine on the LAN & SERVERS subnets but i cannot for the life of me get it to work in the CLIENTS.

    additional information is as follows:

      Static IP from provider ...6
      gateway                  ..

    LAN: (DHCP enabled)

      Static IP from provider ..***.240/16
      Gateway left blank (technically same as above)

    CLIENTS: (DHCP enabled)
      Gateway left blank (technically should be the same as above)

    i have it set this way for my own internal business network (LAN), some servers that i have open to the world (SERVERS) and i work on additional PC's that I do not want affecting my network or servers.  the CLIENTS network assigns IP's but none of them can access anything at all.  they even have problems when asked to ping the router (

    any thoughts would be great, i know that i am missing something small here but just cannot put my finger on it.  BTW PFSENSE's ping utility will ping successfully through any interface and it is ONLY the CLIENTS NIC that is giving me grief.


  • My initial thought, and apologies if you've already done this… but have you defined rules for traffic to pass through on the client interface?  This may be why pfSense can ping your client workstations but they can't ping back or access the WAN.

  • (DHCP enabled)
      Gateway left blank (technically should be the same as above)

    This will never work.
    Without a gateway only local traffic is possible.

  • Please show us an "ipconfig /all" (if these are windows machines) from one of your clients and show us the firewallrules you added for your clients interface. Cabling seems to be ok as you can ping the clients from the pfSense.

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