PPPoE + DHCP6c / SLAAC + Prefix Delegation .

  • Dear pfSense team and all,

    I'm having issues with pfSense 2.1.5 - RELEASE . I''ll try to describe the problem as details as i can so if any points that i missed or something which i should upload/paste please do let me know (eg: config or screenshot).

    I'm on ADSL 8Mbps from Telekom Malaysia, IPv4 went smooth without hitch. Tunnelbroker Hurricane Electric also play nice with me (routed /64 and routed /48). So far pfSense has done a very good job.

    Earlier on 2012 my ISP roll out IPv6 and asking all their customer to upgrade their modem/router so that the customer could enjoy their new service which is IPv6 offered as SLAAC/DHCPD .

    Here's the problem/issues,

    WAN Interface:

    IPv4 : PPPoE
    IPv6 : DHCP6

    PPPoE Configuration:
    Username : xxxxxxx@xxxxxxx
    Password : xxxxxxxxxx

    DHCP6 Client Configuration:

    Tick - Request a IPv6 prefix/information through the IPv4 connectivity link
    UNTICK - Only request a IPv6 prefix, do not request a IPv6 address
    64 - DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation size
    Tick - Send an IPv6 prefix hint to indicate the desired prefix size for delegation

    LAN Interface :

    Static IPv4
    IPv6 : Track Interface

    The problem is when i login through shell and pick no 8 for Shell Environment and issue ps aux command i see multiple dhcp6c process binding on pppoe and em1 interface which i believes could been the culprit for client XID mismatch and failure to delegate or obtain proper IPv6. This is due to too many process trying to obtain the IPv6 address at the same time and fail to do so.

    My modem is D-Link DSL-2750E and in bridge mode. I've test my modem and configure it to dial my PPPoE and IPv4 and IPv6 works without a hitch.

    Please do pardon me if i fail to explain in details and i would really hope cmb/databeestje/ermal and jimp could see this post and let me know if i need to paste config or screenshot.

    Thanks in advanced

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