Load balancing and newsgroups?

  • ok, i chose news groups, because its the only thign to get full bandwidth. here is my question. i have a cable modem that gets 10.45 mbits. on news groups, this allows me to get 1,280k a sec dls. i have no built a pfsense box, have 3 nick cards. 1 lan and 2 wan. i have added another cable modem in that gets 10.45 mbit. so with load balancing shoulnt i get like 2500k plus? i follwed the multi wan guide step by step. when im dling i look at traffic, and see wan is getting 10.45 mbit and wan 2 is zero. please help. i am new to this and have asked in the channels and get no response. thanks

  • The loadbalancer balances the connections with roundrobin on the different WAN's.
    It doesnt add the bandwith directly. A single connection will never go above the maximum of a single link.

  • so what i am trying to do, cannot work, or is there a way to fix it.

  • What do you want to do?
    Like i said…. the balancer balances the connections and not the bandwith.

    If you download two things at the same time, the one connection will go to one WAN and the other connection to the other WAN.

  • Unless your application opens multiple connections multiwan won't speed it up. Try http://www.downthemall.net/ and download some ISO from an http mirror (like a knoppix live cd). Downthemall opens multiple connections for the same file and downloads several chunks. That way it makes perfect use of multiwan. If you still see all your traffic running only on WAN with downthemall your firewallrules or pools are configured incorrectly.

  • I've loadbalanced newsgroups before. If the newsgroup takes multiple connections from different IP, do not enable "sticky connection" inside advanced tab and just let the roundrobin work. If you have two news servers, you can set up rules to route between different wans.

  • I am familiar with newsgroups, it is based on multiple connections.  In fact it is one of the criteria one uses when searching for a newsgroup server (one with the right amount of 'connections').  I think GoldServe has the right idea.

    With 10 connections I get 1.6-1.7mB/s on a 15mbit connection.  Use that as a guide when purchasing, maybe go for 15.  If you are getting troubles I recommend you take off sticky connection and don't use SSL in your client.

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