Troubleshooting mysterious reboot

  • I have never experienced a crash or reboot or similar with pfs, until a few days ago.

    When logging in to GUI I noticed some message about crash dump info, saved the info locally but declined to send in, not sure about the exact contents therein.

    Then I noticed that the uptime was 4 days, which seemed odd since I haven't restarted this box in a few months…

    When checking a bit more I noticed that config changes in Diagnostics\Configuration History seems to correlate exactly with reboot time and it seems to be Snort cron jobs involved.

    Then there's a message that doesn't say so much but could be regarded as troubling, see pic.

    pfsense 2.1.4 and Snort pkg v3.0.13. Upgrade needs planning and backups/imaging so will not be performed on the fly, but soon though.

    Anyone have comments about this or tips regarding troubleshooting these kinds of issues?


  • When I get system crash logs, I check ram and psu first.

    Then if thats not it, get ready for a long annoying nut-roll of waiting and checking.

  • I agree from a general point of view but don't see that as probable causes in this case.
    Since there obviously are system activities, including scripts executed related to packages, the exact time the reboot happens that cannot be overlooked.


  • Often you will find the cron job pushes the machine to use more ram and cpu than normal, so it exposes perhaps bad areas of ram that are not normally used, marginal chip cooling, or marginal power supplies.