Looking For Suggestions (Home Use - 200mbit ish.)

  • Long-time pfSense user here, just looking for some help.

    I've been browsing this particular section for a while trying to decide on a new router box that will handle my network without having huge power consumption or heat. I'm looking for some suggestions on what might be possible without breaking the bank. I'm not opposed to stuff direct from China, but I'm finding that after shipping, the prices seem to be pretty comparable (or I'm just looking in the wrong places) and I'd rather purchase from a vendor in the US such as Newegg if I can in case of DOA/HW failure, but I am not opposed if the price is reasonable enough.

    Background: One user on the network is a game streamer, and thus occasionally we are the target of some (light-ish) DDOS attacks. They're usually not very intense, so I'm looking for a little protection, but I'm also not expecting perfection here. Just need something that will handle more load than a standard home-router in case one does come in. Our current pfSense setup works amazingly for this right now, but it is a full desktop with way too much power (i7 2.8ghz, 8gb ram) for what we're really using, and it generates a lot of heat, uses a lot of power, and just feels overkill. I'd like to re-purpose it.

    • Power Requirements: Basically just lower than my current desktop, which is probably everything. Would like it to be as reasonable as possible (30-40W or less at idle?)

    • Throughput: Right now I'm on a 100/5mbit line, but I'd like to plan a bit ahead, for at least 200mbit throughput at a minimum.

    • Packages: Snort (at most) to try to mitigate some of the occasional attacks. No other packages planned/needed.

    • NICs: 2xgigabit LAN would be perfect, more wouldn't hurt, but we've got enough switches that I don't need additional ports on the unit itself.

    • Wireless: Not necessary, handled by an older router just for purposes of mobile devices. We hook anything wired we want to be blazing fast. Not opposed though if it doesn't cost me extra, get rid of another box.

    • Ports: Nothing specific, USB and VGA or HDMI for setup.

    • VPN: None needed, so I don't need to worry about extra CPU usage for this.

    So far what I've been thinking: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856205007

    I'm looking to keep costs low if possible, maybe under the $150 mark for the base unit. I've got some hardware laying around that I could put into one to make it run. I could probably squeeze out one around $200 but only if it's a reasonable enough upgrade. I've been hearing good things about this particular one for home-based pfSense installations, just want to make sure I'm not going to have to return it as soon as I buy it because it doesn't meet my particular needs.  ;)

    Do you guys think that particular box will handle what I'm looking to do? Should I save up some extra cash and get something more powerful? I've tried searching around, but since my case is somewhat unique I wanted to be sure.

    Thank you for your time!

  • http://store.netgate.com/ADI/RCC-DFF-2220.aspx

    (the pic is close, but not accurate)

    spring 2015

  • @gonzopancho:


    (the pic is close, but not accurate)

    spring 2015

    I appreciate the response. That one does look fairly interesting and well priced. I am worried about a few things compared to the one I linked though, like the fixed amount of RAM, though I'll have to keep an eye on it. I was hoping for something a little sooner than 2015 though.

    I wonder how the C2350 compares to the D2550 in terms of processing ability, especially when it comes to pfSense. That's a pretty decent price difference from the two.

  • cheap…  Reliable I'm sure.

    It will fill your needs.

    The stuff thats been recommended is probably "better".  Smaller.  Lower power.  More network interfaces.  Etc Etc.

    But the one below is available now, will work well and is damn cheap if you don't mind the extra bulk / power use.  Just a few watts.


    And if this one was any cheaper, they would be giving them away.  Its below your $150 budget.


  • Netgate Administrator


    I wonder how the C2350 compares to the D2550

    Like chalk and cheese.  ;) They may both be labelled Atom but these are very different processors. The C2350 is significantly faster.


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