Troubleshooting Squid and Squid Guard

  • Can any one provide some troubleshooting steps that i can take to troubleshoot my transparent proxy setup.

    Over the past 3 days my proxy has a hiccup where no pages will ever load. Just spins forever.

    Is there a log file i can look at other than access or cache.log

  • install cron packages

    *    *    *    *    *    root    /usr/pbi/squid-amd64/sbin/squid -k reconfigure

    thats work for me

    for troubleshooting
    squid -z  >> any eror message
    squid -k rotate
    squid restart

    show the log
    delete  the cach

    check the squid guard log  / database
    cpu /  ram  /  mbuf

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