TinyDNS for private domain

  • Hi guys, I am new to pfsense and apologize in advance for noob question.

    I am running pfsense at home, and I need help with TinyDNS for private addresses.

    I have few static IPs in internal network things like sprinter, asterisk, NAS etc. I cannot seem to get TinyDNS to respond to queries from any machine on
    When I am pinging printer.mydomain.com from the pfsense box I get proper IP, when I ping it from any other client I get nothing. Everything else works fine.
    Here are my settings in TinyDNS
    IP Address:
    Interface to listen - loopback
    Respond to IP -

    What am i missing  ?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well for starts the only box that can talk to is that box itself.. So nobody can query that other than the pfsense running tinydns

    Why do you need to run tinydns to have a few names resolve - the dns forwarder that is built part of pfsense can resolve pretty much any host name you want to any IP you want, just create an over ride in dns forwarder or have it register dhcp clients if you want, etc.

    Running tinydns to resolve a few names is overkill.

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