• it seems that if i try to add quagga to my embedded build it does not seem to add.
    if i add it manually it seems that it is a bit large for the embedded platform.
    my disk useage goes to 103 % and the system becomes unstable.

    i would love to get quagga into our embedded platform but even resizing the image from the how to on the wiki does not seem to work
    properly. has anyone had any sucess with larger packages on embedded platforms or can anyone show me how to resize the image so it will work.

    it would be wonderful if you could run build_embedded 64 MB and build_embedded 128 MB or something similar. i have looked at the build scripts but have not have had much luck with this.

  • Edit build_embedded.sh

    The key in the size of the compact flash item is:

    ROOTSIZE=${ROOTSIZE:-"116740"}  # Total number of sectors