Installing mSATA on APU board

  • hi all,

    i have finally got a mSATA card for my APU board and i want to install pfsense on this instead of using it with the SD card, how do i go about installing pfsense on the mSATA card

    i have plugged in the console cable and i reboot the system but i dont see an option to install pfsense?

    many thanks


  • Boot it off the memstick serial amd64 image from a USB flash drive, do the install as you would to any hard drive.

  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator

    and make sure you use the right baud rate….9600 not the default on the APU.

  • Got you loud and clear to download the live cd with installer usb version (console) and boot up from usb and this will give me an option to install to my hard drive (mSATA

    I thought I could install it from my SD card to my mSATA that's why I was booting of my SD to see if there was an option to install



  • i have succesfully done it

    downloaded and put the image on my usb stick using "win32 disk imager"

    inserted it in free usb port connected serial cable to laptop,

    opened up putty and changed baud rate to "115200" to see the boot menu and boot of the usb

    closed/opened putty again and changed the baud rate to "9600" so i can install and follow the on screen instructions

    once done i changed my boot order so the first option was my mSATA

    once i could log back in the webgui i restored my settings so it was like how i had it before