Solved: How do I limit IP RANGE downloads larger than 50MB?

  • Hi Guys 'n Girls
    I am trying to block a range of IP addresses to not download files larger than 50MB.  How do I do this?  I am looking at SQUID/SQUIDGuard to do this…

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    cybar7 (aka Aubrey Kloppers, Cape Town, south Africa)

  • Sorry Guys, once again I asked the question and after some soul-searching ;) found it.

    The way I did it was to add the following ACL to my squid configuration:
    (Services/Proxy Server - Custom Options)

    acl sized-users src
    http_access allow sized-users
    reply_body_max_size 50 MB sized-users
    request_body_max_size 1 MB sized-users

    –- Explanation ---:
    line1: Create an ACL with an IP SOURCE RANGE.
    line2: Allow the ACL to use the defined access-list.
    line3: Maximum download size for the ACL.
    line4: Maximum upload size for the ACL.

    That's it.  Hope I helped someone else but myself :)
    kind regards
    cyber7 (aka Aubrey Kloppers, Cape Town, South Africa)