Proxy Arp to bridge networks for layer 2 services?

  • I'm using Pfsense to route multiple subnets and I've got wireless running on a separate network to a set of devices that advertise services like Miracast. These appear to be later 2 only (as you'd expect) meaning that they're not available to the wireless network.

    Is there a way to use VIP & Proxy Arp in order to fake their presence on the wireless network in order to enable these services?

    Most of the info I've read on Proxy Arp talks in terms of WAN configuration. In a LAN <–-> WIRELESS setup, would I set up the VIP on the WIRELESS network and then 1 to 1 NAT back to the LAN or do I have this the wrong way round?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No. You can use proxy ARP to let a couple IPs in another segment appear on the LAN (though it's ugly) but you will not get layer 2 for (broad|multi)cast which is what that will want/need.

    For that you'll need to use IGMP proxy or Avahi or similar to get the interesting traffic to the other segment