Skype with Pfsense 2.1.5

  • The video streaming behind the pfsense firewall seems to be impacted. I have Pfsense 2.1.5 32bit installed on a Xeon system.  Snort is also installed. Skype will connect with the called party but has poor video. I am new to Pfsense. Are there configuration settings that need adjustment for Skype? All help will be appreciated.

  • Skype performance might depend on your internet connection and on blocking of ports via firewall rules. Any details on that? Did it work better in the past? What has been changed?

    (Why 32bit on a Xeon?)

  • Thanks for the update on Skype. I now find it is working correctly with another Skype caller. It is a bandwidth issue with the first caller and not Pfsense or my connection. With respect to 32bit Pfsense on an Xeon… I can not install the 64bit version of Pfsense as it stalls during the process at 38 percent. This is apparently a problem that others are having with the 64bit version. I hope the issue will be solved with the upcoming 2.2 version. If you have any suggestions I would be pleased to here any approach.

  • The defaults are fine for Skype. If you have traffic shaping or limiters configured, you might be throttling it. Otherwise, if you're getting appropriate performance in general for your Internet connection, it's not the firewall. Possibly poor connectivity between your ISP and the other person's ISP, among other possibilities.

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