Squid-dev 3, squidguard and icap issue recap

  • Dear all,

    I have a strange issue with squid , squidguard and icap integration

    I load squid with https (working fine) with all the "before auth" integration

    I load clamav with guide from Eduardo Gonçalves (http://egoncalves.com.br/pfsense/pfsense-squid3-dev-clamav-i386/) it works fine

    I load squidguard with system patch and block list etc it works fine at the starting.

    Now after restarting the firewall neither icap nor squidguard works though services are running. I have to go to squid and press save to run all the integration properly. Still all the services are running as per service manager.

    Though its fine for testing setup, it is hampering my integration work at client as without icap service squid and squidguard works fine, but i do require antivirus for the client.

    Any resolution in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Is there is a way or script to save setting of squid and restarting it after the boot time of pfsense.

  • Additional :

    I am using squid in transparent mode

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