• Hi,

    I currently have a single pfSense node withe 5 WAN connections with UK ISP's, one is BT, one is Sky, one is Plusnet and 2 are virgin media.

    The BT, Sky and Plusnet are using BT Openreach modems with PPPOE negotiation taking place on pfSense. The 2 virgin media connections are business connections so I am have to double NAT out of them as the business service doesn't support modem mode on the super(crud)hub.

    I have another machine that I want to use as a CARP slave. I understand that the ideal solution is that each WAN interface will need 3 public IP addresses.

    As the public IP's for the Virgin Media connections are sitting on the virgin routers this is possible for those connections.

    The PPPOE connections however only have 1 public IP each and getting more isn't a feasible option…however during a failover it is acceptable that these PPPOE connections don't failover instantly, as the 2 virgin media connections will be there as a minimum.

    All the WAN connections connect to a common L2 switch that both pfSense machines connect to.

    Is there anyway to make this possible?

    I hope this makes sense.