DNS/DHCP Stability Issue?

  • New install of pfSense v2.1.5 on a SD card in a PC Engines apu1d4.  I am seeing frequent reads of /etc/hosts - does not look normal.  Doesn't dnsmasq read /etc/hosts when it starts up?  Anyone have any hunches?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Anything on the system or gateways tab at those times?

    Some re-reading of that is normal, especially if you have DHCP leases registered in DNS, any time a lease changes/updates it'll re-read the hosts file since it gets updated.

  • Thanks for the response!

    I do have DHCP leases registered in DNS, will have to check the system log and gateways log - not able to at the moment.  I do know that clearing the DHCP log (which restarts DHCP) stops the incessant reading of /etc/hosts for a while.